blood orange
shut up it's fucking red


stop what you’re doing and adore me

So, this is what a party looks like..


"because we all have something that defines us"

what to do with him

Korea or NYC?

ofc I’d love to visit Korea but since I started watching himym i reaaaaaaaaaaally want to experience life in New York:)

Ljoe or Chunji?

For a looooooooooooooooong time it was Joe over Chunji but since like october idk Chunji got sexier or something, he has all my attention now

Ping pong or soccer?

neither, i hate sports haha

Recommend some blogs? Just cause ⌒.⌒

ahnda-niel, changjeo, but-im-shy

those are the only ones i cant think of rn, ill probably add some later(:

What if you found out ur best frnd on tumblr died?

i would be pretty shocked and then i’d cry bc i think of her as an actual friend, i mean just like the friends i see eveyday at school. It would be the same as if one of my friends from home died, you know? 


this guy in my class said his brother lost his wallet in Canada and someone shipped it back with souvenirs